Take out the disk tray from the QNAP NAS then fasten the disk with four screws matching the holes at the base of the disk tray. Insert the disk trays into the QNAP NAS. Note: All the drive data will be cleared upon hard drive initialization.

I have a qnap nas in a main office, the shared drive folder is working perfect on those computers in that office. I have another office in the building which I would like to share/map the same folder. The computers are not on the same network. I had it working once but it stopped working. The computers aren't on the same network. Windows : Map-a-network-drive to a remote Shared-Folder Jun 25, 2013 [SOLVED] Mapping my QNAP TS-212 NAS Dec 01, 2012 FIX NAS Drive NOT VISIBLE on Network Windows 10 - YouTube

Map network drive from Qnap TS-431P NAS, error code

May 05, 2013 MacOS: Map a Network Drive - Technipages A new icon should appear on the desktop. That is your mapped network drive. Automatically Connect Drives at Login. Perform the steps to map a drive as listed above in the “Map a Drive” section. Open “System Preferences” from the Dock. Choose “Users & Groups“. Select the “Login Items” option. Qnap, map shared drive folder to computers outside the

map network drive to NAS but get error 64 or 58

Jan 14, 2018 mount - How to map a network drive? - Ask Ubuntu Stack Exchange Network. Stack Exchange network consists of 177 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Visit Stack Exchange Fix for - Cannot access NAS Drives, \\Share\Folder is not Mar 02, 2019 การ Access เครื่อง NAS ด้วย Windows Explorer และการ Map Drive